The Internet has stepped up to change the world and the way we perceive it. Every day, we find videos, images, or information that make us better understand the complexity and diversity that surrounds us. It also shows us the brilliant minds that create amazing things out of a few common items. As an example of this, a man has turned Fruits into musical instruments, goingviral online.

How did this man turn fruits into instruments?

Eric lives in Marne, France and for some time now he has dedicated himself to the business of creating musical instruments with fruits and vegetables.Before doing music, Eric used to sell fruits and vegetables at a stand in a crafts market.

However, sales started to drop, and with them his drive to keep doing the same business. And this was how he came up with the idea of mixing his two passions: music and food. Thus, his wonderful musical instruments were born.

Eric, using his hands and some utensils, transformed fruits into musical instruments, and became an internet sensation, going viral on social media thanks to people who were fascinated by his creativity and ingenuity.

In the video, which is about two minutes long, he tells the story of how he started in the world of fruit musical instruments.

“I already know how they are going to sound when I see them” Eric says while he takes a drill and opens a hole in the middle of a carrot. The fruits into musical instruments that Eric creates are inspired by common musical instruments.

At the beginning of the video, he shows you what looks like a soprano woman in the middle of a concert, even though that’s not what it is at all. It’s Eric playing an endive (a kind of vegetable with bitter leaves that is common in the winter and is used in salads).

You can also be fooled by the sound of a regular flute compared with the sound of his popular carrot flute.

The fruits into musical instruments are Eric’s great creation

However, he says that he must make new ones every day. This is because with time, they lose their ability to make beautiful and harmonious sounds. But for him this is not a problem:

Eric is definitely a man who thinks of everything.

After he finishes his music, he eats his instruments.

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