If Miley Cyrus were to ever become one of the judges on "The Voice," a boycott was promised a while back. Well, she's there and something bizarre is taking place with fans of the award-winning show. It seems the Miley Cyrus they once despised has grown on fans a bit and a turnaround via social media posts is seen today.

Miley boycott threatened

People were outraged when the name of Miley Cyrus was mentioned as a new judge on the show.

Since Miley has spent a good part of her adult life trying to find the shock value in things, you can understand the concern fans had about the show. From her days of riding a wrecking ball (stark naked) to her time on the stage doing that bizarre tongue thing of hers and twerking with Robin Thicke at the VMAs, people have seen enough of her antics.

Something changes

Since she's appeared on "The Voice," it appears that she's won more and more people over every week.

She truly cares about the contestants and their journey on this venue and it shows. Apparently she cares about anyone trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry.

Helps fellow performer

Miley reached out to Corey Feldman this week when he appeared on The Today show debuting his album. The feedback from that appearance was brutal, so brutal that Feldman broke down in tears during a video he posted online.

It was awful

Feldman showed up on the Today Show with a group of women dressed like angels, all wearing halos that looked as if they were something made by the mother of a kindergarten student for an impromptu Christmas play. His song sounded like a Halloween themed-offering as he attempted to dance like Michael Jackson and sing like Ozzy Osbourne.

Feldman (45) did all this while he wore a shirt that mirrored the character of Keith Partridge of "The Partridge Family Show." Nothing fit together and folks almost felt embarrassed for the now grown child star. The music was awful as well and not many folks could find a redeeming quality out of the performance. Cory Feldman's appearance was deemed a "theatrical performance" with his new single "Go4it" Check out his singing and dancing for yourself in the YouTube video below:

The words people used to convey they didn't care for Corey's music; were also awful and some were hateful and vulgar. Miley Cyrus reached out to Feldman on Facebook and told him to ignore the haters. She gave him kudos for following his dream.

Folks getting to know Miley?

This seemed to put Miley in a different light when it came to the girl who seemed very much self absorbed at one time. Even before Miley reached out to Feldman she had received tweets from fans of "The Voice," with some of them apologizing for not giving her a chance, according to Us Magazine. One woman said she was furious with herself for being such a hater and threatening to boycott the show if Miley were to join as one of the judges.

After watching how Miley handles herself, she said she actually finds her quite kind.

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