Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been spending a lot of time together in Malibu recently. Cyrus, 23, and Hemsworth, 26, were seen heading out on a dinner date in New York City Friday night. The two are currently engaged and insiders say they're just taking their time and enjoying themselves.

The soon-to-be Miley and Liam marriage

There was a rumor floating around online last month that suggested that the two lovebirds had already gotten married - in secret. There were sources who claimed that Miley and Liam exchanged their vows among family and friends in Malibu, and it was a relatively small ceremony.

Neither Cyrus nor Hemsworth have come forward and confirmed any of this, so these are still believed to be just rumors. After Hemsworth proposed, Miley was wearing a pretty flashy diamond ring on her finger, and this convinced everyone that the two were indeed back together after their breakup.

There are sources close to the couple who have said that Miley Cyrus has introduced Liam Hemsworth as her husband, and as many other things, to the other judges and crew members of "The Voice."

Miley Cyrus and Woody Allen

Miley Cyrusstill has a lot going on other than her love life.

She is going to star in a six-part series on Amazon, "Crisis in Six Scenes", from acclaimed writer-director Woody Allen. The 80-year-old filmmaker decided to cast young Miley because he lovedher comedic timing as a child actress. His children used to watch her on the Disney series "Hannah Montana", and he noticed her comic delivery and was impressed by it.

Allen wrote and directed each episode and will also appear in the show as a series regular.

The show takes place in the '60s and is about a family thatmeets someone who turns their household inside out. There isn't much else available in regards to the show and what viewers can expect to see, but Woody Allenhas complete creative freedom. The ensemble cast includesMiley Cyrus,Elaine May and Joy Behar.The show willpremier on Amazon Prime Instant Video on September 30th.

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