Recently, a tabloidmagazinereported that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar decided to divorce after decades ofmarriage. The report stated that the reason for the split was due to Josh's alleged sexual abuse claims. They couldn't agree on the best way to deal with his tarnished reputation, and it caused them to drift apart. Now, it looks like the report may have been completely fabricated. Read below to find out what we know about it so far.

The breakup explanation

In Touch magazine put the Duggar's relationship front and center on their newest cover.

They stated the family had some type of "breakup" about what to do about Josh's sex scandal. A few online publications jumped to the conclusionthat Michelle and Jim Bob were filing for divorce. It was apparent that they didn't read the article. Apparently, the couple is not considering divorce, after all; they are considering limiting Josh's contact with the younger children due to his "issues."

Family divison

Gossip Cop reports that the Duggar battle is because Jim Bob believes that Josh should be allowed to be in the family fold considering he completed the Bible-based therapy and they deemed him "cured." Michelle does not agree.

She feels protective of her younger daughters and wants him to keep his distance. It has caused a family divide and they aren't sure what to do now.

In Touch stated, “The couple has been battling over their son Josh Duggar who is accused of being a child molester. Reports indicate that Jim Bob Duggar is ready to accept his son back into the family fold after Bible-based therapy but, like any reasonable mother, Michelle Duggar no longer wants anything to do with the alleged pedophile."

The truth

The report had nothing to do with divorce and the sad breakup was nothing more than the Duggar Familytrying to decide if Josh should be shunned, which would break up the once happy family.

JimBob revealed that the Duggarfamily members are divided on what to do about Josh, and it has created tension among their children.

Do you think that the Duggar family should give Josh Duggar another chance or should they shun him from the family?

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