By now most people know Michael Weatherly left CBS's NCIS last May after playing Tony DiNozzo for 13 seasons. Some people might know he left the long-running series to star on a new show. What few people know is that Weatherly's new show, Bull, is based on the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw. Bull is part of CBS's fall schedule premiering on Tuesday, September 20. Fans of Weatherly and of Dr. Phil will certainly watch the new series.

About 'Bull'

Bullhas eight executive producers including Dr. Phil McGraw, his son, Jay McGraw and Stephen Spielberg. Dr. Phil is also the creator and writer of the episodes.

The storyline of the drama is that Dr. Jason Bull is the founder of a very successful trial consulting firm just like Dr. Phil had before becoming a successful talk show host. Since Bull is a character patterned after McGraw, be prepared to hear slick talk and wise sayings throughout each episode. Like McGraw, Bull is apsychologist who uses his intellect, along with his team, to ensure his clients get justice and fair treatment. While the law will certainly be involved, the theme of the show is more about human nature and how people operate within the law.

Dr. Phil McGraw and Michael Weatherly

McGrawbelieves the show hit the jackpot by casting Weatherly to play him in the upcoming series. Dr.

Phil, who is known for his witty and quick remarks, summarized the situation as "winning the lottery" and "hitting a home run." Once viewers begin to watch Bull, they will more than likely see a lot of McGraw's personality in Weatherly. That's exactly what the producers are counting on even though Dr.

Phil is 66-years-old, and Weatherly is only 48. We need to remember that the show is based on the younger Phil McGraw when his career was being a psychologist in his own trial consulting firm.

Weatherly's character as Dr. Jason Bull is quite different fromTony DiNozzo on NCIS. That's a good thing because the two shows are entirely different.

However, Weatherly will shine as brightly as he did in his former role. Interestingly, CBS is airing Bull on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. following NCIS. Watch the series when it premieres on September 20 tosee Weatherly in his new role as Dr. Phil.

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