Just when you thought Jack White couldn't do any better he surprises us all

His latest release is a compilation of Acoustic Recordings (1998-2016), expected for (us) his fans for a long time. Detroit-born, Jack White is known not only for his mastership in the guitar, but for his blues influence, his multi-instrumentalism, and his chamaleonic ability to make the best of every genre he puts his eye on. These 26 songs are the testimony of a long and productive career where the sounds and the improvement of analogic recordings has resulted in a journal-like production with a melancholic burden that surpasses all expectations.

After the success of The White Stripes, Jack delved into the collaboration with Brendan Benson for The Raconteurs and Aison Mossart for The Dead Weather, highlighting his ability to transform and collaborate in the songwriting and recording process.

But the unavoidable path for White was his solo career; he had demonstrated that the gemstone in every project he had shared in public was his eccentricity and his genius, which stood out easily. From drums to handmade guitars, his devotion to musical rarities and traditional folk music has transformed him into the wonderful artist that keeps us longing for more.

A timely collaboration

As if that were not enough, Jack White posted on September 12th the release of the video for "City Lights," a song "originaly written for Get Behind Me Satan" from The White Stripes, but that was rediscovered in 2015 by the guitarist and transformed into this sing-along new proposal.

The director of the video is no more and no less than the french filmmaker and video producer Michel Gondry.

Gondry had been a close friend of White since the release of "The Denial Twist" in 2005, and had been praised for his collaborations with Björk, Massive Attack, The Foo Fighters and, of course, Daft Punk's "Around the World."His personal signature in the manipulation of the staging has defined a certain tendency in the musical genre, making "City Lights" a milestone in composition and simplicity.

A shower room and a steamed-up window; two shots and a simple scene, and a finger drawing lines over lines that go with the lyrics (and sometimes don't) are the visual widgets that Gondry chose for the depth and softness of White's lyrics.

City Lights is the definition of a masterpiece, and there is nothing left to do but to enjoy it and expect it to develop into a new twist in contemporary rock and roll.

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