It looks like they do things differently across the pond, or at least Mel and Sue do when it comes to their show The Great British Bake Off. These two ladies and their baking skills will no longer be on the show which rose to fame on BBC. When it was revealed that the show was moving to Channel 4, that's when fans knewMel and Sue would decline to go with it. Then the announcement came, making it official!

Mel and Sue plant their feet!

BBC tried to hold on to the show, they even offered the makers of the show, 'Love Productions', double the money that they pay now.

The production company declined and the show is going where the money is, according to Vulture. That trail leads to Channel 4 who is paying in the vicinity of 25 million pounds. This pales in comparison to the BBC's final offer of only 15 million pounds. That is all the BBC had to offer and the viewers join Mel and Sue in their sadness today.

Fans of the show are already talking about boycottingBake Off as social media is saturated today with disappointing viewers who sent the disturbing departure of Mel and Sue trending on Twitter today.

Why do people always try to make something that's good even better? Why can't they leave a good thing alone? These were just two of the questions fans are asking via social media today.

If Mel and Sue did follow the show to Channel 4 there would probably be a big money contract for the baking duo, but it is not about the money for these two.

They started at BBC, which is a place that "nurtured" the show and built it up to 15 million viewers at its peak. The show started off with just about 2 million viewers and grew in popularity.

Loyalty personified!

One has to admire Mel and Sue's loyalty to BBC, whichdoesn't happen often with celebrities, whoseem to be driven by the almighty dollar.

These two cannot see turning their backs on BBC, which is the station that gave the show a chance in the first place.

Judges still not on board?

Mel and Sue believe Bake Off has a "distinctive warmth and charm" today and that is the way they would like to keep it. It was BBC that made The Great British Bake Offwhat it is today as it went through its seven seasons at this station. Apparently the two baking gurus believe this should count for something, again... kudos to their loyalty to BBC!

This upheaval of the show to Channel 4 may also have the judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, declining the move.

According to Vulture, it is not clear if they will return to Bake Off.

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