Shocking new allegations regarding Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump are revealed in an article today and they are so outrageous that you will probably find it very hard to believe that someone of Kelly's intellectual caliber could actually utter a word of this. It is hard to imagine Kelly saying anything along these lines, even if she was just sharing her concerns with trusted colleagues, as reported. 

Bizarre thought to ponder

The report alleges that Megyn Kelly pondered the thought that Donald Trump might possibly be responsible for her becoming violently ill the night of the Fox News Republican Debate back in August of 2015.


The report claims she thought about the possibility of Trump paying someone to slip something into her coffee to get her violently ill. As the Esquire Magazine reports in their title, "Megyn Kelly allegedly thought Donald Trump paid someone to poison her coffee."

Heated debate

All eyes were on Megyn Kelly as one of the moderators for the Republican debate hosted by Fox in August of last year. She was the one who was expected to come on strong with questions regarding Trump's treatment of women, which was a topic saturating the headlines at that time.This is exactly how this debate unfolded as far as Kelly's line of questioning to the Republican candidate, but it put Kelly in an unfavorable light with Trump supporters and Trump himself. Her tactics as a moderator were not only questioned, but she was bashed by the masses and along with this she received death threats.


More death threats

Then came the special that was promoted heavily by Fox, where Megyn Kelly meets with Donald Trump to smooth things over. While this was Fox News extending the olive branch, it was carried out by Kelly after the controversial treatment she awarded Trump on the debate stage. According to the New York Magazine, the death threats and the constant degrading comments about Kelly became so concerning to her that she actually "started to speculate" a scenario that sounds outrageous.

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Donald Trump

If you remember the night of that Republican debate, Kelly was sick.

Apparently these death threats were more than just the average run-of-the-mill blurbs by hot-heads out in the public and it became so concerning to Kelly that she started to wonder if her sickness the night of the debate may have been due to Trump possibly paying someone to slip something into her coffee to render her as ill as she was the night of the debate.

Paranoid thinking?

According to the Esquire, this speculation is something that she shared with colleagues back then and it was reported to the New York Magazine by a source at Fox. Esquire signs off their article saying "There isn't much to say here, other than: Would you be terribly surprised if it were true?" Many would answer "yes" to that question, yes, it would surprise many if she actually voiced that opinion because she also holds a law degree!


Some might say that just the sound of this report being out there today makes Megyn Kelly sound rather paranoid. She became sick before she shot that controversial line of questioning Trump's way, she was sick as she sat on the stage. So this alleged pondering of hers doesn't seem to have any rational basis to it, because that would mean that Trump would have known in advance about Kelly's treatment of him on the podium and it is highly doubtful that Kelly would let the Trump camp get a peek at her line of questioning. 

Smooth over went rough

After she met with Trump at his home in Trump Towers to smooth over the things that occurred at the debate, she became a villain once again.


When her special meeting with Trump was aired, which was titled, Megyn Kelly Presents, she was lambasted for backing down. Kelly "disappointed many - especially women, " writes Esquire. Those women wanted the Fox News anchor to "get him" [Trump] and they wanted her to "get him good." Kelly had a lot on her plate back then, but was it enough for her to take up this alleged thinking about spiked coffee?

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