Meghan King Edmonds' husband, Jim Edmonds, was all smiles with Shannon Beador at a NYC hotel on Sunday night. He managed to impress his wife's fellow "RHOC" cast member with his "softer" side.

Bravo reports that Jim thoroughly enjoyed himself when he showed up at the "Grease" Bingo Night at the Standard Hotel in New York.

Jim Edmonds shows his 'softer' side.

According to the report, Jim was at the event with Shannon and his business partner. Shannon uploaded a video to her Instagram showing him smiling and moving to the music as Shannon was dancing.

A lot of people have commented on how nice it was to see this side of Jim. They never see that side of him when he's on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" with his wife. In fact, fans question his enthusiasm aboutMeghan having a baby.

"And that's a shame, because he is such a nice guy, and we've had so much fun with Meghan and Jim off-camera," Shannon Beador said. "They're both just a lot of fun to be around. It's a shame that not everybody gets to feel that or see that because that's all they are is just very kind and fun."

Shannon says Jim is a great father.

Shannon raved about Meghan King Edmonds' husband and what a great family guy he is.

She said he's looking forward to the birth of his baby daughter. It bothers her when people say otherwise.

"It really bothers me when I — I try not to read the social media — but it bothers me when I see certain people say things like, 'Oh, he's disinterested,'" Shannon went on to say. "He's completely excited and interested that he's having a baby. He's over the moon about it."

Shannon added that her kids love Jim and have joked that he'd like to adopt them!

Meghan wasn't with Jim on Sunday night. It wasn't revealed where she was, but she was probably back home getting things ready for their new arrival. She's been sharing all kinds of images on Instagram of clothes and other goodies that she bought for the baby.

Jim is often viewed as indifferent on "RHOC." He doesn't exhibit much enthusiasm where his wife's IVF procedures are concerned. This has led to suspicions that he's not at all interested in becoming a father for the fifth time.

The video posted Shannon's Instagram makes it obvious thathe has a more personable side not shown on television.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds' husband showing his softer side?

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