The Glamis accident in episode 10 of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" was the crux of stronger bonds as well as weakened ones. For one of the women, things are rough in this group.

Meghan unfairly treated?

Meghan feels ganged up on by some of the women on "RHOC" following the ATV accident. One of the first things she addresses in her blog on Bravo is that she didn't tell Shannon Beador about what happened to Vicki Gunvalson right away because wanted to first announce that she was pregnant.

"I hate that everything took a turn and my pregnancy excitement was quickly overshadowed by the guilt trips I was getting from the other ladies," Meghan wrote in her blog on Bravo.

Meghan said she informed Shannon about Vicki's situation within 15 minutes of getting together with her -- not an hour or more like some thought.

Edmonds also shares that it was disturbing to be on the receiving end of Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow's anger for not rushing to Gunvalson's side after she was air lifted to the ER.

"I’m friends with both of them and up until just recently, neither of them wanted anything to do with Vicki, but they were really quick to stand up for Vicki and turn on me," she continued.

Heather, Tamra, and Kelly Dodd were repulsed by Meghan's attitude over refusing to see Vicki when she was less than an hour away at a hospital. They argued that Vicki was all by herself, was without her purse, and didn't have a change of clothes.

The other women were stuck in Glamis hours away and unable to quickly get back.

According to Meghan, she was in touch with Vicki the whole time via text and didn't get the impression from her that she needed anything.

"Little things add up"

Finally, Edmonds justified her decision for not going to seeVicki Gunvalson because her doctor advised her to refrain from hospital germs during her pregnancy.

She went on to explain that only family members would've been allowed to visit Vicki, and that she would have sat there for hours without seeing her.

"It’s so frustrating that there are all these little things add up, yet I’m the only one really taking the fall for this," Meghan wrote.

As the last episode showed, Vicki and Heather accepted Meghan's apologies.

"RHOC" fans, do you think Meghan King Edmonds was being treated unfairly?

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