Mark Ballas is not going to be participating on Season 23 of Dancing With The Stars, news that has left his fans extremely disappointed. However, the DWTS pro definitely deserves a break and he has a couple of pretty exciting things taking up his time this fall as he steps away from the ABC series. What's he up to during this break?

What is Mark Ballas doing during his time away fromDWTS?

As many Dancing With the Stars fans know, Mark Ballas recently got engaged to BC Jean and it looks like they are deep in the wedding planning process.

The DWTS pro recently tweeted that he had been doing some cake tasting with his fiancee and he noted that he is trying to be a very hands-on groom.

Of course, Mark is not the first pro to get married while doing the show, as both Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold got married in the past year or so. It looks like the wedding planning may be part of the reason for Mark's break, but a big opportunity came up that Ballas couldn't turn down.

While teasers had first indicated that he would be onDancing With the Starsthis fall, the announcement came without him listed and he took to social media to thank his fans for their support. Soon after that, the reason he stepped away fromDWTS emerged.

It was recently revealed that Ballas will be tackling the lead role of Frankie Valli on Broadway in the show Jersey Boys. This is an exciting opportunity for him, especially considering that the show ends for good in January and he will be the last person in the role.

He says he has been a fan of the show for years, having attended about nine times, and he's jazzed to give it a go himself.

Will Mark Ballas ever return toDancing With the Stars?

Does this mean that Mark is gone from Dancing With the Stars for good? He isn't saying that definitively, but his wording does make it seem as if he likely is moving on from being a pro. Ballas teases that he would love to come back as a judge at some point, and that is definitely a possibility considering that Julianne Hough is back and Maksim Chmerkovskiy has filled in as a judge before as well.

While there will surely be many stunning performances this fall onDancing With the Stars, there is no doubt that Mark Ballas will be greatly missed by many viewers.DWTS fans wish him well on his new adventure, but many still hope he may stay involved with the ABC series in some way in the future.

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