Angelia Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt and a day later; Marion Cotillard announced her pregnancy. Cotillard and Pitt were rumored to have had a fling which fueled the Brangelina split. Now celebrity gossip asks if Cotillard is expecting Brad's child. If so that could most definitely cause the seismic rift in the Hollywood super couple.

Or is Angelia leaving Pitt over different parenting styles as she claims? Another theory says Pitt has substance abuse problems and Jolie fears for their six children. Mrs. Jolie-Pitt did ask for sole custody of their children with Brad getting only visiting rights.

Cotillard pregnancy bombshell explodes Brangelina?

Who is the father of Marion's baby, her longtime partner Guillaume Canet or Pitt? She hasn't said, and the jury is hung. Cotillard shares a child with Canet and was seen with her partner recently. Marion is due in December, putting the date of conception in March when she and Pitt were working on the movie "Allied." Rumor had it that Angelina actually hired a private investigator who discovered Brad's affair with Marion.

The two had on-screen sex scenes in "Allied" which Angelina did not like. She was convinced he was cheating on her, a source said. And the film's director Graham King did say there was a sexual frisson between Pitt and Cotillard that was "electric."

Substance abuse or irreconcilable parenting differences split the Pitts

If La Affaire Cotillard did split the Jolie-Pitts, it would be a bit of karma.

They got together some 10 years ago when Pitt was still married to "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston. The Aniston-Pittdivorce was the celebrity split of the century then. It took Brangelina about eight years to finally tie the knot and only after the couple had six children together.

Brad and Angelina had officially married two years ago, but Jolie has supposedly struggled with Brad's infidelity for years.

Well, Aniston can relate to that. So why has Jolie filed for parental custody of their children with Brad having visitation only?

That's a corker--if his drinking and pot use are the parenting differences she speaks of, you'd think she'd file for full custody with supervised visits. It could be that Jolie doesn't like how strict Pitt is with the boys (not the girls).

Brad says he's sorry about the divorce but wants whatever is best for the children.

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