Marion Cotillardshot to the forefront of the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce saga this week when rumors surfaced that she hadan affair with her "Allied" costar. The Oscar-winningactor has since denied the claims that she was involved with Pitt romantically and has made it clear that hercomment will be her first and last on this matter. She cites her long-standing relationship with French actor Guillaume Canet, the couple's son and expected childin Wednesday's Instagram post and claims that her family is all she needs.

Cheating rumors suggest Cotillard's contribution to Brangelina split.

After Jolie shocked the entertainment world by filing for divorce from Pitt earlier this week, a number of theories behindthe couple's separation have spread throughout the media.

The possibility of child abuseand cheating are both central headlines, and, in a attempt to make sense of this trying time, many outlets have reported that romance amongthe "Allied"costars is one of the reasons behindJolie's actions. In reaction to Pitt's history of alleged infidelity, which landed him a divorce from Jennifer Aniston 12 years ago, News sources dubbedCotillard his mistress and prompted her to refute the claims and publicize her pregnancy.

A message for the media and 'the haters'

Cotillardexplained her reasons for addressingthe false story circulating in the press by revealing that the situation has spiraled out of control and is affecting the people she loves. Aftermaking a note of her admirationfor her husband and son online, the French actor goes on to reveal that she is expectingher second child.

She took advantage of her social media postto include a message for the media and "the haters" by commenting on how theypass judgment too quickly and that she wishesthem the best after hearing her side of the story.

Another lesson in the tendency to shame women.

This turbulent weekserves as a lesson for us all, as jumpingto the conclusion that Cotillard catalyzed Brangelina's breakup or that Aniston is rejoicing due to the dissolving marriage aretwomore examples of how the media pit women against one another and often represent them in unfair ways.

Cotillard's involvement in this widespread story is another reminder of how female Celebrities get swept into stories that ultimately sexualize them and often blame them for issues they are not involved in. By putting the Jolie and Pitt divorce business aside, we can allcongratulate Cotillard on her pregnancy and wish her and her loving family all the best.

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