Marilyn Manson recently gave a lengthy interview about his role on WGN's Salem and the shock rocker got around to offering some of his thoughts about Fox News and the presidential elections. For Manson, there is no love lost for him when it comes to Fox, who he believes made a national name for themselves reporting on the Columbine shooting. At the same time they lambasted him!

Not a Fox News fan

It was the reporting of that shooting that cast a dark shadow over Fox as far as Manson is concerned with the networks lack of factual reporting.


He talks about how Sheppard Smith took to the air during Columbine to report the shooters were all wearing "Marilyn Manson" makeup and clothes, which was not the truth, relays Manson.

The shock rocker had a chance to go on Fox and go head to head with Bill O'Reilly and something bizarre happened, Manson had O'Reilly's head spinning. It was apparent that O'Reilly didn't know how articulate Manson was when it came to conversation or he just didn't prepare because as Manson puts it he loved "handing him [O'Reilly] his ass." That clip of the two went viral right after the show, which was about three years ago. You can check it out in the YouTube video below.

Gets some joy out of Fox going down?

After hearing how unimpressed Manson is with Fox News, it shouldn't surprise you to know he is enjoying seeing the network go down in this latest Bill Ailes scandal in which Bill O'Reilly was named. So who does the shock rocker like to see become the next president of this great nation?

Sees two 'sh*t piles' for president!

He doesn't like either "pile of sh*t" that is offered up in this election so he is not going to vote. He goes on to say that it doesn't mean he is not being an American, it just means he is choosing not to vote this time around.


'Salem' role

In his latest role fans once again see Marilyn Manson without his signature makeup, like they did with his role on Sons of Anarchy while playing a white nationalist. His character in Salem is described as a "mysterious Sweeny Todd-esque barber/surgeon," by The Daily Beast.

Salem airs on November 2 and Manson plays Thomas Dinley, who is a man that "may or may not slit your throat" as a doctor who uses leeches as part of his medicine.

Manson has an album coming out early next year titled, Say10. This is his tenth studio album.

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