Margot Robbie reprising role

Following the mixed reception of "Suicide Squad," it has been confirmed that everyone's favorite Psychiatrist-turned-psycho will be getting her own standalone film, and, not only will actor Margot Robbie reprise her role, but she will also be taking on co-producing for the film as part of the extended DC Universe. While "Suicide Squad" itself was something of a collective head-scratcher, there is no denying the fact that Margot Robbie's turn as the Joker's sidekick catapulted her directly into the spotlight, as her portrayal was arguably the one bright spot in an otherwise dim offering.

The Harley Quinn movie thus far has been kept under wraps in terms of revealing plot details of the Harley Quinn story, and the elements that will be the point of focus for the upcoming film. In the on-going battle between DC and Marvel, it seems that DC certainly has the edge. While there has been talk for a number of years about a Scarlett Johansson-led Black Widow standalone film, nothing yet has come of that endeavor. On the flip-side of that coin, it's clear with this news that DC is committed to making the Harley Quinn story an integral part of the DC extended universe.

Harley Quinn for Halloween

Though the character has been a part of the DC comics lexicon since 1992, Margot Robbie's recent portrayal in "Suicide Squad" has given the character a whole new life with a whole new generation of viewers. Whether it's the quirky, comical, and witty Harley Quinn quotes, or the surge in searches for "Harley Quinn costume" just in time for the Halloween season, it's clear that the character has captivated viewers across the globe.

With all the buzz that this has generated recently, it's no surprise that a standalone film would get the green light. While very little is known at this time about the film, fans can certainly celebrate the fact that there is a film in the works, and that DC is committed to showcasing prominent female characters in an otherwise male-dominated genre.

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