Jeethu Josephknown to be one of the most talented young filmmakers in the Malayalam film industry is back in action with his new movie Oozhamwith Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead role. The film hit the screens on September 8, 2016, and it has reportedly satisfied audiences and critics alike.

Another masterpiece after 'Memories' and 'Drishyam'

In 2013, Jeethu Joseph surprised everyone by giving the memorable hit Memories, and later he raised his standards a bit more in the all-time blockbuster Drishyam.

In both these movies, Jeethu has adopted innovative storytelling style which will make the viewers sit on the edge of their theater seats throughout the running time.

Oozham carries the tagline "It is just a matter of time", and in the posters, we can see a mysterious spider web. Once you watch this film, you will understand how appropriately the director has crafted the punch line.

The movie showcases the story of health inspector Krishnamurthy and his family. His son Surya is working in the United States, and he returns to the homeland for a two-month vacation.

A devastating incident takes place in the family during the holiday, and this forms the major crux of the film.

Prithviraj steals the show

Prithviraj Sukumaran, as we all know is a versatile actor, and he has proved his brilliance by portraying characters like Antony Moses, Ravi Tharakan, and Sam Alex.He has showcased the character of Surya who appears in two different get-ups.

Another major highlight of this film is Balachander Menon's character. The seasoned actor portrayed the role of Prithviraj's father with finesse, and it was a real treat to watch him on screen. Gayathri of Ayaal Njanalla fame looked charming.

A perfect family package

Even though this is an action-packed thriller, it has all the elements which will attract family audiences to the theaters.

If families start watching the movie, then it may emerge as the second Jeethu movie to enter the Rs 50 crore club.

'Oozham' is expected to gross more than Rs 5 Crore by the end of this weekend.

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