"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC with season 7 in a little over one month. Fans are excited and nervous to find out what happens in the premiere episode. Major spoilers have been released on what to expect when the zombie apocalypse television show airs new episodes.

No time jump in season 7, episode 1

Sometimes, there will be a time jump in television shows. In the season premiere, that will not happen. The episode will pick up exactly where it left off in the season 6 finale.

Fans willfind out immediately who died in "The Walking Dead."

Who does Negan kill in 'The Walking Dead?'

The most famous question "TWD" fans have is who does Negan kill? It was speculated by "The Spoiling Dead Fans" that there will be two characters who are hit with Lucille: Glenn and Abraham. Even though the spoiler page labeled this as an educated guess, they have never been wrong before.

Dream scene with Glenn and Maggie's baby

This is not a confirmed spoiler, but still deserves to be mentioned.

In season 7, episode 1 of "The Walking Dead," there will allegedly be a dream scene. It will feature many characters, including Negan's victims as well as Glenn and Maggie's baby. It was also stated that the dream will take place in Alexandria.

Negan and Rick's RV adventure in 'TWD'

Expect Negan to mess with Rick's head in season 7. In the premiere episode, Negan and Rick will be inside the RV. Apparently, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character will mentally screw with Rick's mind.

Everyone has seen Rick Grimes lose his marbles before (more than once.) Let's hope that he can keep it together this time.

Daryl Dixon kidnapped by Negan and the Saviors

When the show returns, Daryl Dixon will be alive, but won't exactly be safe. Negan and the Saviors will kidnap the fan favorite character. Spoilers for season 7 tease that he will try to escape but won't be successful. In later episodes, expect to see him in a silly prison outfit.

It isn't known if he will survive the season or if Daryl dies in "The Walking Dead" at some point. However, he is tough and we are predicting he will be able to get out of this somehow.

Are you looking forward to the season 7 premiere? "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on October 23.

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