Fans of the nostalgic 80s "Magnum P.I." TV series may get a doseofnostalgia as it has been announced that ABC will be rebooting the old series. This time Thomas Magnum's daughter, Lily, will be taking on the sleuthing mantleof her father, according to Deadline Hollywood. "Leverage" creator John Rogers is set to scribe and executive produce the show withEva Longoria's UnbeliEVAble Entertainment. So willthe new "Magnum P.I." be promising?

An organic premise

There's a reason why the studios didn't go with bringing back the old Magnum P.I. They wanted to offer up a more organic means to keep the franchise updated.

The premise entails the daughter, who goes by the full name ofLily “Tommy” Magnum, takes on her father's occupation taking on international crime and espionagewith the help of her friends. There is also a personal event in her life that she would like to solve herself that got her booted out of the US. Navy Intelligence.

"We knew no one could replace the iconic role of Thomas Magnum. So John decided to make the reboot a sequel and continue the adventure of a Magnum — his daughter, who was established in the original series", according toLongoria and Spector.

A blast from the past

Lily Magnum was actually established in the original series as it was, so it does make for a historical tie-in. The original "Magnum P.I.

"was created byDonald P. Bellisario andGlen A. Larson. The daughter's origin story entailed herappearing in four episodes.

She was raised by her presumably dead mother Michelealong with her step father. She was later reunitedwith Magnumafter they had both died. When the "Magnum P.I." series ended, he vowed to provide his daughter with a stable home.In hindsight, does itsoundlike thisset the precedence for the ABC reboot coincidentally?

It looks like a good reason as any to create a reboot because apparently Magnum P.I. held his daughter in high regard.

Rogers has been known for other projects such as TNT's "Leverage", "Librarians", and NBC's "The Player." He's also done his first "Transformers" movie, "American Outlaws", and "The Core." Other titles that come to mind with a similar premise, outside of the Magnum P.I.

reboot featuring the previous main character's daughter, is a "Van Helsing" reboot. This Syfy series features the daughter of the vampire slayerAbraham Van Helsing. It premieres tomorrow.

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