Few movies have been as exciting and thought provoking as George Miller's 2015 action epic,"Mad Max: Fury Road".Fans of the franchise around the world gravitated towardsFury Road for its heart-pumping thrills, unconventional storyline and rich expansion of the mythic universe Miller first introduced to audiences in 1979.

The 2015 epic follows the same unnamed "road warrior" of the original movies though this time around American hunk Tom Hardy stars in the leading role.Fury Roadreceived high praise from audiences and critics alike. Containing much in the way of cautionary symbolism exploring themes of class struggle, unbridled consumption, and Ecojustice, "Fury Road" was not your average popcorn blockbuster.

Girl power

Many were drawn to that film's exceptionally strong female lead, played impressively by Charlize Theron. As Imperator Furiosa,Theron embodied the sort of independent woman that audiences have desperately been waiting for. Unapologetic, brutal and truly visionary, Furiosa represents a new kind of action star and a very welcome entry to the pantheon of epic screen heroes.

Director George Miller delighted fans in 2016 when he announced that he was working on atreatment which at that time was simply known as "Furiosa". It is unclear at this time if Furiosa will return in the upcoming Fury Road sequel. The new movie titled "Mad Max: The Wasteland" is rumored to take place within the same post-apocalyptic landscape of "Fury Road".

Fans around the world anxiously await confirmation that Theron will again step into the role of warrior queenFuriosa.

"Mad Max: Fury Road" ran into production delays due to the complexity of filming in the harsh Namibian Desert. Fans of the franchise can hope that with production returning to Australia, hopefully, they will not have to wait as long as the last time.

George Miller is famously known for taking his time to ensure supreme quality, but if the last oneis an indication of what his process can create, fans will be quite happy when they finally get to see "Mad Max: The Wasteland".

No time to waste

For those who just absolutely need more "Mad Max" now, a special "Black and Chrome edition of Mad Max: Fury Road" arrives just in time for the holiday season.

Look for that collection available worldwide on December 6th.

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