Maci Bookout surprised herTeen Mom fans last week when they learned that she was pregnant with her third child. While filmingTeen Mom, Maci noticed that she was gaining weight and she was surprised to hear that both her son, Bentley, and her future husband, Taylor McKinney, had noticed her weight gain as well. Bookout revealed that she was scared about being pregnant, so they took a pregnancy test. Within a few minutes, she learned that she was indeed very pregnant and was expecting a baby boy.According to a new tweet,Maci Bookout is now doing her best when it comes to taking care of three children and running a successful t-shirt business.

And it sounds like she's doing a great job if you ask her son, Bentley.

How Maci Bookout is putting her kids first

Maci may be busy with three children, but it sounds like her son Bentley is very appreciative of her time with him. This is something that her very own mother revealed on social media.

"I asked Bentley who is best friend is. He said 'in my class?' And I said 'no, anywhere' And he said 'Momma'" Maci's mother shared on Twitter after having a conversation with Bentley. One can imagine that she wants to put her children first, even though she's a young mother to three children and trying to run her career.

Maci Bookout is stressed out about her upcoming nuptials

When Maci learned she was pregnant with her third child, she was also getting engaged. For a long time, Bookout was asking for a ring so they could start their lives together. However, Taylor McKinney wanted to make the moment special for them and he waited until the right moment. They are now engaged and planning their October wedding, even though their son Maverick was born in May.

This past weekend, Bookout spent some time in Las Vegas, where she celebrated her upcoming wedding with her friends for her bachelorette party. Rather than be supportive of her special day, fans ofTeen Momwere very critical of her partying.

What do you think aboutMaci Bookout's relationship with her children?

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