Country music legend Loretta Lynn, 84, suffered a serious fall over the weekend forcing the singer to cancel a special Labor Day performance at her ranch.The Labor Day weekend was originally slated to be a fun-filled holiday at the Loretta Lynn Ranch which was to consist of camping, canoeing, games, hikes, horseback riding and a very special performance by Loretta Lynn and The Van Lear Sisters.

Loretta Lynn hits head, injuries tochest and hip.

It was announced on Facebook that during the event Lynn's fans could tour the singer's large ranch and home along with a tour of the "Coal Miner's Daughter" museum over the long holiday weekend.

However, fans were notified upon arrival that Loretta would be unable to perform due to an unforeseen accident. It was announced that the country music legend Loretta had recently fallen, hitting her head and injuring her chest and hip.

Fans, of course, were upset that Loretta was unable to perform, but theywere very understanding, expressing their heartfelt concern and wishes for a speedy recovery for the singer. Know for her true dedication to her fans, throughout her career Lynn is known to rarely ever cancel shows which alerted her fans that Lynn was in very serious condition.

Loretta's sister, singer Crystal Gayle, who stepped in to perform in her sister's absence read aloud a handwritten letter from Loretta to her fans.

The letter stated that Loretta wanted tothank her fans for coming, but expressed her deepest heartfelt apologies that she was unable to perform and that she too was very disappointed.

Loretta apologizes to fans.

Loretta Lynn also filled her fans in on her injuries revealing that she was unable to stand and that she was unable to take a deep breath rendering her unable to sing.

She also told fans that she would update them on her condition after she was able to see her doctor.Fans have been expressing an outpouring of love and concern via the social media wishing Loretta a speedy and full recovery. "Get well soon Loretta and don't be afraid to slow it down a bit, your fans are all behind you." And, " After such a long and successful career you more than deserve to take things at your own pace."

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