1998's "Mulan" might be one of the next installments in Disney’s ongoing string of live-action remakes of their animated films, but some fans may not be happy about what could potentially happen.

A petition started ahead of time…

According to recent reports, a petition has circulated online to prevent Disney from attempting to “white-wash” the storyline in question, especially by casting an actress who isn’t of Chinese ancestry in the lead role. Started by a woman known as Natalie Molnar, and originating on the Care2 website, the petition quickly gained traction. As of this writing, the petition has received nearly 90,000 signatures in support.

While the casting of an Asian actress in the lead would seem obvious, especially considering the story takes place in China, the petition was reportedly sparked by recent Hollywood controversies of whitewashing in recent cinema. The petition itself listed "The Last Airbender, Pan, the upcoming Ghost in the Shell adaptation" as examples of films that cast Caucasian actors in roles of traditionally Asian characters.

Added to that, the petition also decried films for casting white actors in the lead, often to cash in on their star-power of sorts, while retaining Asian actors to play villains, claiming that doing so is “a direct, harmful impact” on both the final film itself and the audience members.

Reportedly, the petition was released as soon as possible to precede any potential casting.

Mulan in the media

Like many of Disney’s animated films, “Mulan” is not an original story, but is actually based on a Chinese ballad, involving a girl disguising herself as a man to become a soldier.As the story predates the Disney animated film, others studios could potentially adapt the story for themselves, as well.

In fact, Sony has recently announced plans to adapt the legend into a live-action film. While unconfirmed, it is also possible that the petition could have intended to spark interest as soon as possible because multiple studios want to handle their take on the story.

Over the years, there have also been various Chinese film adaptations of the story, including early silent films, in addition to opera and stage retellings.

A short clip of one film adaptation from 1939 can be watched below.

There is currently no set date for the upcoming live-action Disney film's release.

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