The old Lindsay Lohan appears to have returned in full force. Celebrity news followers always believed it was just a matter of time before Lindsay Lohan showed back up in media headlines revealing her true colors once again. Lindsay made news headlines over the weekend following her second public conflict in just a week this time in Russia.

Lindsay Lohan is back, back to causing trouble that is!

Lohan did manage to surprise celebrity news hounds for a while leading a low-key lifestyle when she was first engaged to her now ex-fiance Egor Tarabasov, but when the drama once again reared it's ugly head it was typical Lohan family craziness.

Trouble in paradise began for Lindsay and Egor over the long fourth of July weekend. Lohan made media headlines after a major physical blowout between herself and Egor that quickly became violent according to Lohan.

Lohan's first reveal that the old Lindsay was beginning to make a comeback was noticed after she accused her fiance of cheating on her with a "Russian hooker" no one would have know about the couple's issues at all if Lindsay hadn't chosen to out her man on the social media. Not only did she out him, she also hinted to her social media followers that she was pregnant.

Lohan claims she is pregnant, but later denies it!

The drama took a violent turn after Lindsay took Egor's cell phone from him bringing on a physical altercation that was caught on film revealing Egor was manhandling her. Ever since Lindsay's drama with Egor, Lohan has been in conflict after conflict each concerning cell phones. What is Lindsay's cell phone deal anyway?

First off Lindsay was accused of stealing a woman's cell phone in a Greece nightclub, just one week later Lindsay is accusing a woman of stealing her cell phone in the Russian club The Apartment.

Not only did Lohan accuse the woman she also threw a huge tantrum in the private club. According to Russian website Life, Lindsay was making quite the scene and was described as 'screaming' and 'waving her arms around.'

Next, it is stated that Lindsay continued on poking her finger at a woman who was with the alleged phone thief screaming at her that her friend stole her phone! All eyes were on Lindsay during the commotion and as if that wasn't enough Lindsay also demanded that the phone nabber pay her check when it arrived at the table.

The website stated that the tab was settled, but not by Lindsay, it was paid by some of the people who were out with Lohan that evening. When approached for comment the club's reps refused to comment on the Lohan incident.

At 30-years-old it is clear that Lindsay Lohan appears to be reverting back to her old self.Many believe that since Lindsay appears to have fallen back into her old way of life it will not take long before the "Mean Girls" star is back in the danger zone.

What are your thoughts on Lindsay Lohan's recent behavior over the past few months, will things continue to go from bad to worse for Lindsay once again?

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