'Wayne' is trending on Twitter today after the rapper Lil Wayne sent out tweets that were cryptic-like and seemingly mysterious in nature. The iconic rapper who calls himself Lil Wayne tweets that he is "mentally defeated" and along with that he is feeling "defenseless."  He also said that he's about to "leave gracefully" before saying that he loves his fans, but he is "dun" [done]. No one is sure what Lil Wayne was trying to say in a trio of tweets that he sent out to his Twitter followers early Saturday morning, but that wasn't the end of it.


In a bad place?

According to Gossip Cop, Lil Wayne's fans reacted to the first tweet, and although many seemed confused by what he was saying, many thought he was announcing he's retiring from music. He then tweeted again after a few hours had gone since posting his first tweet about feeling defeated and defenseless. His second tweet said that it wasn't "sympathy" he was looking for, just "serenity." Apparently these tweets were concerning to the masses because he again waited a few hours to tell his fans that he's good and "y'all don't trip." Many of his fans took these tweets as Lil Wayne announcing his retirement, but one could argue that he sounds like he's feeling rather doomed.

Depressed over health problems?

It's no secret that the famous rapper suffers from seizures, which is a health problem he has been doing battle with for years. His private jet made an emergency landing in Nebraska due to Lil Wayne suffering a seizure mid-flight back in June.

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He was treated right there on the tarmac and the flight continued shortly after the abrupt landing. Back in 2013 he was near death after suffering three seizures, one right after another. Reports had Lil Wayne even receiving his last rites in the hospital during the 2013 episode.

A while back Lil Wayne shared with the world that he is prone to seizures because he suffers from epilepsy and the seizures are often brought on from being overworked, reports Billboard in an article from back in June.

This was reported right after his plane made that emergency landing. 

Retirement announcement or cry for help?

So is Lil Wayne retiring from music, which is what many of his fans are thinking today? Or... is this a cry for help coming from the rapper. He did say he's "mentally defeated." While it is not known what he meant by all of this, it would stand to reason that any of his close friends and family who eyed these tweets today would contact Wayne to check on his well-being.

Unbelievable loyal fans

His fans reacted on social media with the majority of them being worried that this was his way of saying he's done with music.


Many took these tweets as Lil Wayne's announcement that he is going to retire. Some of his fans seemed to realize that his health problems are rather severe and to keep the iconic rapper alive they'd rather support him in what they believed was his retirement announcement. These fans would choose to see him leave music behind rather than becoming very ill. Now those are true fans, they care more about him rather than the future music he might create for their enjoyment!