Earlier this week, a report claimed that Ray J and Princess Love from "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" were expecting. Apparently, the pregnancy rumors were news to them because after news of their expanding family began to circulate, the Reality TV couple clapped back. They claim that while they do want to have kids in the future, the initial pregnancy report is totally bogus and Princess Love is currently not with child.

Princess Love makes it clear, there is no baby on the way

Leave it to Media Takeout to start a rumor and run with it.

They reported that Princess Love is pregnant but she says that is not the case. The report also indicated that Ray J and Princess Love were trying to work out their own spinoff show with VH1 based on the upcoming birth. This is also reportedly a rumor and there are no plans for a spinoff involving the "LHHH" couple.

After the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" rumor kicked off, Princess Love took to Twitter to defend herself. She wrote, "NO I don't have kids and NO I'm not pregnant lol."

That is only one of the tweets that Princess Love shared regarding the pregnancy rumors.

She also told fans that when she is pregnant, she will let fans know. Princess said that right now she is enjoying being married to Ray J and that the two just aren't ready to start raising kids yet.

It looks like Princess Love and Ray J do have plans to expand their family though. Rather than a current pregnancy, Princess tweeted on Sunday that they plan to get pregnant at some point next year. "I’ll be ready next year," Princess wrote.

"I’d like to enjoy being married for a few more months then ill be ready,"

Ray J also discusses future family plans

Ray J has also been vocal about having a family and how he wants to raise his future children. In a recent interview, he made it clear that he doesn't want to raise his kids in Hollywood and would prefer to move Princess and their planned family to his hometown of Austin, Texas instead.

He said in the interview that he wants his family to have a "chill life" rather than live under the microscope of Hollywood. It looks like the two have some talking and planning to do because right now they are featured on Season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood."

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