"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Tommie Lee checked into jail just days ago after violating a restraining order brought by her VH1 reality TV co-star Joseline Hernandez. Now, Tommie is free and flaunting that freedom after spending just two days behind bars.

Tommie Lee was booked for making "terroristic threats" against Joseline back in March. The feud between the co-stars began in Los Angeles when they were in town for the Grammys. Tommie claims that Joseline called local police and told them that a fugitive from Atlanta was staying in her room. She claims that several policeofficers descended upon her hotel room in an upscale Los Angeles hotel and searched it, leaving her both humiliated and furious.

Tommie Lee goes to jail for 'terroristic threats'

Once back in Atlanta, the feud escalated when the "LHHATL" stars returned to Atlanta. During the Season 5 reunion show for the VH1 hit, Tommie admitted that she had tried to run Joseline over with her car back in March when the Puerto Rican princess was trying to walk down the street.That admission reportedly caused a warrant to be issued for her arrest and it wasn't until earlier this week that Tommie decided to honor that warrant and turn herself in.

Tommie Lee didn't just show up to jail as she was, though. The "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Season 5 newbie got all dolled up for her big jail debut. Tommie had her hair and makeup styled professionally with dramatic eyes and even fake lashes. She wore a little black dress and heels as she walked into the police station, even though she knew she would be trading the cute outfit in for jail garb as soon as she was booked.

After two days in the slammer, the 'LHHATL' star is out

Tommie didn't have to do the perp walk alone. She strolled into the courthouse with another "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta"star by her side. It turns out that her friend Stevie J was there with her to make sure that she made it inside safely and to make sure she didn't have to turn herself in alone.

Now that Tommie is out of jail, TMZ reports that she has already made her priorities clear.

The "LHHATL" star headed straight for the club. Let's hope she can keep herself out of trouble and out of jail now, a huge feat for someone who boasts more than 30 mugshots.

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