Grant Kemp and Lace Morris have had some ups and downs this summer on Bachelor in Paradise, but spoilers tease that there are big moments ahead for the two of them during Tuesday's Season 3 finale. They just got matching tattoos celebrating their newfound love, but will they also make serious plans for the future? New scoop is emerging that seems to sync up with gossip guru Reality Steve's teasers and viewers will anxious to see how this all plays out.

Will thisBachelor in Paradise couple stay together?

Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers previously indicated that Lace Morris and Grant Kemp would get engaged during the Season 3 finale, and he says that at this point, they remain together.

In fact, the two were spotted hanging out together in her hometown over the summer and the buzz is that she is planning to move to Los Angeles after the finale to be with him.

Now, Entertainment Tonight is sharing some additional Bachelor in Paradise spoilers. They were on the set ahead of the filming of the finale and it sounds as if some emotional and juicy moments are on the way between Lace and Grant. It seems that during the overnight portion of their date, Morris will bring up concerns about the viability of their relationship if Kemp doesn't propose.

Will this cost her this romance?

Lace and Grant hit obstacles in theBachelor in Paradise finale

Lace talks about how things get complicated during their overnight and she says that she just didn't know if a long-distance romance would work for them without an engagement. For some guys, this would be a bit too much too soon, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that Grant ultimately throws himself all-in with this one.

Reality Steve's teasers detail that Kemp and Morris do get engaged and that they are still together now.

Of course, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve have shared some pretty juicy tidbits about Grant regarding his past relationship, engagement, and fidelity issues, so not all viewers are ready to buy that he's serious about this proposal.

However, at least for now, Lace Morris and Grant Kemp do remain together and viewers will be anxious to see if they can manage to make things work for the long term.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for Tuesday's finale tease that there is one split on the way, but there are also three proposals coming up with couples making big plans for the future and fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out as Season 3 wraps up. Do you think that Lace and Grant will go the distance?

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