That revolving door of the cast of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" continues to spin each season with only Kyle Richards anchored there to watch all the comings and goings. She may even have a hand in who actually exits through that door as it is very obvious getting along with her seems to have a link to job security for these ladies on 'rhobh'!

Kyle the gate keeper for 'RHOBH'?

It was because of this obvious link that Kyle Richards was asked how she is liking the new "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member.

This is one way to gauge the longevity of a cast member for this reality show! It sounds like the newest cast member, Eden Sassoon, is going to have a rough ride as Kyle didn't have a stellar review to offer up.

Eden is the daughter of the one and only Vidal Sassoon and she has salons scattered about the very elite area where this show calls home. One thing Kyle did say when recently asked about Eden, was that she didn't think that Eden liked her very much.

"I don't think I am her favorite person," offered Kyle. Is Kyle giving off her traditional vibe, the one where she presents welcoming before she strikes?

Lisa Rinna didn't do much better with doling out complements when asked about the new cast member this season. Her cup didn't runneth over with nice things to say about the 'RHOBH' new addition.

The Inquisitr suggests that both women, Richards and Rinna, both seemed "less then impressed" with the newest housewife to hit the screen. The article also suggested that maybe Sassoon is causing trouble.

With friends like this you don't need enemies?

Kyle isn't the person you want as an enemy on the show if you are planning to stick around.

She seems to drive the bus on how long each "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast mate rides along on this reality show journey. Look at Brandi Glanville's exit, which came right after the friction conjured up between her and KyleandLisaVanderpump. Was this just a coincidence?

What about Carlton Gebbia, who wasn't called back for another season after not getting getting along with Kyle? Some of the fans tagged that incident as "unfair treatment." Did these previous cast members get caught in the fallout due to Kyle Richards having so much pull on the show?

Maybe she doesn't have any power over who comes and goes from the show, but she certainly has pull for the atmosphere on 'RHOBH.' It is pretty easy to conjure up an atmosphere that offers enough friction to send folks packing. Let's see how long Eden manages to ride this elite roller coaster dubbed a reality show with Kyle at the helm!

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