Manikandan, the filmmaker who mesmerized a million audiences through the movie Kaaka Muttai, is back with his next project Kuttrame Thandanaiwhich hit the theaters on September 02, 2016. If initial reports from theaters in Tamil Nadu are true, then this film has succeeded in impressing serious viewers who love to see socially relevant issues on screen.

Vidharth and Pooja Devariya have done the lead roles in this picture. Aishwarya Rajesh who immortalized the character of Kaka's mother has enacted role in this movie as well.

The supporting star cast includes Rahman, Nasser, and Guru Somasundaram. The success of Kaaka Mutaihas helped Manikandan a lot to rope in more stars to act in this feature.

The signature from a master craftsman

It might be too early to call Manikandan, the master craftsman, as he has just made his second movie in the career. But within this short time, the young man has set a standard of filmmaking, and his class is sharper and tamed this time. If Kaka Muttai was a lighthearted movie with a big social message, "

If Kaaka Muttai was a lighthearted movie with a big social message, This is a film with a large canvas, and it has a message which is quite thought provoking.

An ocean of emotions

In this flick, the director has played a lot with human emotions. In most of the times, the audiences will be on the edge of the theater seats, and it will make them think, guess and moreover cry. The maverick director has narrated the sequences in a unique manner, which will make the spectators immersed in the story.

Box-office predictions

The film is getting released in a limited number of theaters just like Manikandan's previous outing.

The flick has started receiving positive word of mouth publicity now, and in all probabilities, it will develop as a sleeper hit in the Kollywood box-office.

As per reports from the screens, more than 35% attendance have been marked for the initial show in Chennai.

Considering the less competition, Kutrame Thandanai faces, this outing will surely emerge as a safe bet for the producer.

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