"KumKum Bhagya" is one of the most popular television series being shown on Zee TVin India. Even after two years of its pilot episode, the popularity of this soap has not diminished yet, and it is still the hottest pick among Indian female audiences. The series depicts a touching tale in the backdrop of a marriage hall.

The main characters of this show are intelligent, calculative women, living in an all-female joint family. Sriti Jha, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Mrunal Thakur and Arjit Taneja are playing the pivotal roles.

Here, we have Sarla Arora, a responsible lady who tries to see the happy marital life of her daughters. Will she see her daughters living happily with their better halves? The answer to this question forms the basic crux of this series.

September 28th episode rewind

The first scene of the Wednesday'sepisode features Sushant Singh visiting Sethi's Office for the shooting of an advertisement. From the office, Sushant meets Abhi and tells him that he is an ardent fan of the singer. At home, we can see Pragya recalling her old memories, and at this moment, Aalia reaches the scene and triggers a quarrel with Pragya.

Aalia shocks Pragya to the fullest and orders her not to utter even a single word. Aalia also adds that Pragya is ingenious, and she is waiting for Abhi to get his memory back so that half of the wealth will go to his wallet.

Abi and Priya engage in a discussion:

Then, Abhi says that he wants his music player. Then we can see Praya opening the drawer where the music player was kept. Abhi asks Praya, how she know the place in which it was kept.

Then Pragya replies that it was just a guess, but interestingly, it became the right guess.

Many engaging moments soon follow the proceedings, and finally, the director ended the episode with a strong punch. The next event will feature how Aalia executes her plans correctly to damage the relationship between Abhi and Pragya.

The show, produced by Ekta Kapoor has already completed 676 episodes which has a running time of 22 minutes.

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