Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes starrer serial “Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi” aired on Sony Entertainment Television at 9:30 p.m. Monday to Friday is really showing various ‘Rang’ aka colors of relationships and human feelings.

Saturday's episode was full of high-intensity drama, and each recent episode is giving clues to the audience that the love birds Dev and Sona are going to have a tough journey ahead, and the recent plots are so designed that the duo doesn’t get married very easily.

However, the sangeet ceremony of Dev and Sonakshi takes place.

Yesterday’s episode had information about the entry of a new character called ‘Bhua Ji’ of Ishwari and ‘mamaji’ and the talks between the family members has given clues that the character of Bua Ji is very religious, and strictly a pure vegetarian who doesn’t even eat onion and garlic.

Ishwari approves non-vegetarian dishes for Dev-Sonakshi wedding

The whole plot is going to be highly dramatic as Ishwari has given her consent towards Bengali non-vegetarian dishes on the wedding dinner menu keeping in mind that Dev also wants the same.

Another plot which is going on is the signing of nuptial bond papers, and Dev has already refused to sign them, but Ishwari is shown to be wishing and trying Dev to sign these papers and talks to Bijoy about the same.

Sonakshi has very little chances to conceive:

The talks have not yet leaked in the family but will definitely bring a twist to the story. Another shocking information that was conveyed to the audience in Friday's episode that will undoubtedly affect the future of Dev-Sona as a couple is about the reproductive health of Sona.

Elena finds Sona in severe abdominal pain and down with fever, and she is immediately taken to hospital where the Dr. informs Dev that she doesn’t have a healthy and normal uterus and will not be able to bear a baby.

The Dr. tells Dev that Sonakshi has only 7% chances of conceiving a baby.

Dev is shocked to hear that and so is the audience. Insiders gave a clue that Supriya Pilgaonkar( Ishwari) is not ready to play a grandmother as yet so the producers might have given such plot.

But whatever the reason may be the story is taking interesting turns and twists and has dyed the audience in it's color very well, and the audience can expect more of that in future episodes.

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