"Kindred Spirits" is a new reality show set to premiere on TLC in October that revolves around helping families live peacefully with their haunting relatives. The show pairs former "Ghost Hunters" stars, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as the investigators who work closely with families that are being tormented by paranormal activity they believe is caused by their dead relatives.

'Kindred Spirits' focuses on family situations

The families being tormented by the spirits seek the expertise of Bruni and Berry to guide them through unsettling experiences inside their homes. Those turning to them are hesitant about leaving their dwellings, but are paralyzed with fear at the same time over the paranormal activity.

'Kindred Spirits' spoilers

In the premiere episode of the show, Bruni and Berry help Catherine and her daughter through their unexplained ordeals. They live on 34 acres in Little Meadows, Pennsylvania. Among some of the alarming events that have created anxiety for them are smashed light fixture and waking up to mysterious scratches. There's also a chilling figure that seems to watch them from the trees that sit on the boundaries of their property.

Amy and Adam make several investigations before they determine who's creating the ruckus. On top of that, they try to learn why this is going on. They make efforts to help the mother and daughter live in peace by making contact with the other side.

Spoilers for the episode reveal that the answer will be "heartbreaking."

Show has what other paranormal shows lack

Week in Weird writes a rave review of the show. In its estimation, the show contains in it what others are lacking. Since the show is more personal, it handles paranormal activity in a sensitive manner versus "bravado" measures.This is perhaps a series that will resonate with viewers because it's not uncommon for people to believe in the spirits of their dead loved ones.

"Kindred Spirits" premieres on Friday, October 21 on TLC at 10 p.m., ET. It follows the one-hour premiere of "Ghosts of Sherphersdstown" at 9 p.m., ET, and "A Haunting" at 8 p.m., ET.

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