Kim and The Donald

After a figure resembling Donald Trump appeared in bed with Kanye West and his wifein Kanye's music video for "Famous," it would appear that Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian may indeed make a pair of strange, real-life bedfellows come this election in November. According to The Evening Standard (via Huffington Post), Kim Kardashian said that she was "on the fence" about who to vote for in this upcoming election.

As shehas been a member of Team Hillary in the past, if her being on the fence leads to her ultimately deciding to vote for the Republican nominee when she casts her ballot, one has to wonder just what has gone into her change of heart.

It has been suggested that Kim Kardashian has been influenced by Caitlyn Jenner (a longtime Republican dating back to her days as Bruce).

Whether sheultimately votes Donald Trump for president remains to be seen, but, it's not just her vote that needs to be considered. Whether you love her or hate her, she has built and maintained an empire, selling her brand across the world to millions of followers eager to buy. One cannot dismiss her influence, nor the sway she has on those followers that are also young voters.

Donald Trump the Kim Kardashian of politics?

Whether it's Donald Trump's net worth, his wife, his media savvy, lavish lifestyle, Reality TV background, or love of the spotlight, Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian may have a lot more in common than they think -- though, thankfully, The Donald has not released a sex tape.

All joking aside, The Donaldhas managed to do to politics what she managed to do for entertainment.

Whether it's commanding the spotlight, dominating the headlines, or "keeping up" with controversy, they both knowhow to sell. Whether it's sex, scandal, or any number of things, the pair have made milking the media for all it's worth an art form. Whether you look at Donald Trump's Twitter, her Instagram, or any number of social media channels, both have their fingers on their keyboards, and on the pulse of Pop Culture.

Also, with Melania Trump's recent nude photo leak, that is definitely something that Kim Kardashian can relate to.

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