Is there nothing super-duper superstar Katy Perry can't do? The"It Girl" birthed a baby (her sister's, not her own) and still hit the studio for morning curtain call, all in a day's work! Sounds like the multi-tasking midwife really heard that baby roar! Perry and her significant other Orlando Bloom were recently caught getting down to business on a beach, him fondling Katy's breasts and naked paddleboarding. Looks like Mr. Bloom isn't the only one who can juggle two things at once.

Midwife Katy Perry

You remember the old Enjoli commercial where a sexy woman says she can "bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never let you forget you're a man?" Katy does one better than that--she deliveres babies! (Top that Octomom!) Now for the second time, Katy has assisted with a sister's childbirth. Perry tweeted that she was up at 2 am helping to bring the child into the world and back in the studio at 8 am. She very proudly bragged that it would be difficult to find a girl who can do both.

Perry has played midwife twice now, helping deliver a baby with her oldest sister Angela Hudson in her first pregnancy. That sister had a home birth in which family could be present for help or just support.

Orlando Bloom blooms without bloomers

Social media has still not recovered after pictures surfaced of Katy Perry with boyfriend Orlando without trousers. Katy stayed clothed but Bloom stood out proudly on their shared paddleboard buck naked.

Looks like Perry might not be the only one in that relationship who can multi-task. Orlando can hang out with girlfriend (literally), cop a feel, man a craft, and break the Internet, simultaneously. And Orlando might not be alone in handling several things at once. Katy proves that a woman can be the ultimatemulti-tasker, birthing babies and bringin' home that bacon! Now the coup de grace would be to actually be the birther and make it to work at 9!

Celebrities (and many modern parents) can barely care for their own kids without tons of help. But that, shockingly, is exactly what old-school ladies did after having babies. If you didn't have servants (and 99.9 percent didn't) you were back peeling potatoes, minding your other children, and waiting on the family before your birthing room bed linens had dried.

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