Kate Gosselin has found herself in a world of trouble again. The reality star has been making headlines for years regarding her parenting. She rose to fame on the TLC network when her and her then-husband, Jon Gosselin, had eight children. It was all anyone could talk about at one point, and she began to enjoy feeling like a star and the treatment that came along with it.

Since beginning their reality television journey, Kate and Jon Gosselin have called it quits. They are divorced, and he reportedly doesn't see his kids much if at all. Kate has complete control over the children, and that is where she is criticized heavily.

Over the last few years, Gosselin has made headlines for her questionable choices, but the latest one is shocking.

Aadengets locked in a dog crate

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Kate Gosselin posted a photo of her son, Aaden, in a dog crate. He was hanging out with the family dog while Gosselin was cleaning up the dog area. She insists he climbed into the cage, and it was all fun and games, but critics have noticed it was locked from the outside.

This is not the first time Kate Gosselin has been called out for parenting this year. It was recently revealed that Colin, another one of her sextuplets, was in a treatment facility several hours away from the family. She readily revealed to the world that he has "emotional issues" but didn't elaborate further.

Critics jumped all over her for divulging her son's issues to the world. There were also some questions raised about why she wasn't handling this at home. Colin's actual diagnosis has not been revealed but speculation is that he may be mentallyill, though no confirmation has been given.

The Kate Gosselin saga lives on

The Kate Gosselin saga will go on as long as people keep her relevant. She is raising her eight children on her own. They have now hit the teen years and will be moving into adulthood soon. Her twin daughters are the oldest of the bunch and have all but came out and said they detest their mother.

Critics anticipate they will be out the door as soon as they are legally able to leave, and they won't look back.

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