Kate Gosselin had quite the racket going after the birth of her sextuplets, which was backin 2004when multiple births of that magnitude were still a rarity. Since that time other multiple births have made the headlines, which were multiple births with even more than six babies born at one time. One in particular was the famous octuplets born in 2009 to Nadya Suleman aka. Octomom.

Freebies start to roll in!

Today giving birth to and raising six, seven or eight kids at one time is still as hectic and time consuming as it was when they were considered rare, but because there are plenty of them, the novelty has worn off.

Getting back to Kate, who was that novelty back in 2004, she found herself relying on the generosity of strangers once they were seen on various TV shows.

When Kate and Jon'ssix kids were born, they already had 4-year-old twins at home. Strangers felt for this couple who were living off of only one paycheck. They only earned what Kate brought home for a paycheck as a nurse, as Jon was unemployed. Strangers banded together and got them a van big enough to fit the entire family.

With fame came more free stuff

It was NBC that first put Jon and Kate Gosselin in the mainstream's public eye by having them on the show Home Delivery. This home renovation show ended up remodeling their home so it was better suited than before for the family of 10.The show Home Delivery caught the eye of the Discovery Channel, who filmed two specials on the family a year apart. During the two Discovery Channel specials, the network paid for their groceries as they filmed the Gosselin family in Sam's Club, brought the kids their winter boots for an outing and offered up a few more Freebies.

Needs all met

All of a sudden, all kinds of things from clothes to groceries started to show up for free and Kate had no problem at all accepting these fan offerings. Surviving Sextuplets and Twins, which was the title of the Discovery Channel specials, proved to be popular and in turn it gave birth to the Discovery reality show... Jon and Kate plus 8.

Now it is 2007 and their reality series hits the air and freebies start coming in more and more.

Kate said they had a "shoe angel" who supplied shoes for all eight kids through the numerous seasons of their show, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Come Christmas, viewers of the show would send presents for the Gosselin kids and this freebie train continued to roll.

Extravagant freebie - a tummy tuck!

After carrying eight babies, Kate's belly was not going to bounce back as other new mothers who carried one or even two babies at a time. It seems one of those freebies was a tummy tuck for the mommy of eight! Kate had no qualms about accepting that offering.

What goes up, must come down

As Kate's fate would have it, she got divorced and she was the single parent in the reality show, now named Kate plus 8.This was OK for a while after Jon was out of the picture, but that soon waned.

By this time she had been on the band wagon of a reality show and all the free perks that came along with this for quite some time, and now it was all ending.

Freebie train runs out of track?

The headlines reported a frantic Kate shopping around the various networks for someone to give her and the kids a reality show. While Kate did thisJon stood in the shadows wanting his kids to have a normal childhood without having cameras in tow everywhere they went.

In Kate's latest interview with RadarOnlineshe makes no apologies for accepting the freebies that helped her raise her family. It looks as if she had quite the racket going, which would explain why she so desperately wanted another reality show when hers ended, despite Jon being adamant the kid's live without cameras following their every move.

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