There is a new season of “Kate Plus 8” on the way, but there are also new criticisms surfacing about Kate Gosselin and her parenting of her eight children. The TLC star cannot help but embrace the opportunity to have her family on television, but that also tends to come with a lot of pushback from those who disagree with her decisions. What's the latest?

'Kate Plus 8' is returning with new episodes soon.

"People" notes that Kate Gosselin just confirmed that the family's show will return with a new season on TLC beginning in January.

Those who love the family have followed them since twins Mady and Cara were little and the sextuplets first arrived, and now the twins are 15-years-old and the sextuplets are 12. The family has faced a lot of change and controversy over the years, but it hasn't kept them away from reality television for long.

Kate's announcement about the new season came via a comment on an Instagram post that has sparked new criticism from some who tend to dog on Gosselin at every turn. The post showed son Aeden in a dog crate with the family pet Nanuq.

She wrote about how she had asked Aeden to hang with the dog for a few minutes and he took it upon himself to get into the crate and snuggle with Nanuq.

Kate Gosselin still faces harsh critics.

"Radar Online" noted that some critics pointed out that the dog crate seemed to be locked from the outside, something that Aeden wouldn't have been able to do himself. However, many came to Gosselin's defense by noting that the boy was smiling and that it was just a fun photo.

As many “Kate Plus 8” fans know, Aeden's brother Collin is not currently living at the family home because he wassent away to a program that can help him with what Kate has described as some “special needs.”

While Kate has not gotten terribly specific about Collin's special needs, the reality television matriarch notes that the issues have been building for a long time and that she has felt very alone in dealing with it all.

She says that the family misses him, but they are comforted by knowing that he is where he needs to be right now. According to "inTouch," Collin is struggling a great deal with anger issues and that he has been a challenge to parent since his toddler days.

How much will the new season of “Kate Plus 8” touch on this Collin situation when new episodes begin airing in January? Viewers will have to tune in to find out. Even though Kate Gosselin will always have to deal with a large contingent of critics, her fans are thrilled to hear that new episodes of the family's show are on the way.

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