Kate Gosselin pretty much owes her sextuplets for everything. The former reality TV mom of 'Jon &Kate Plus 8'proudly admits to milking the sextuplets cash cow. Gosselin recalls happily accepting handouts for her kids including food, clothes, a car, home and even a tummy tuck. Wait till you get a load of the haul divorcee Kate got courtesy of her reality show--you'll have no trouble understanding why Gosselin panicked when the 'Kate Plus 8'gravy train ended. You may or may not have trouble accepting that she deserved charity or how she could so eagerly grab it.

Kate Gosselin is a taker and proud of it

Jon Gosselin and his wife Kate gave birth to twins and then conceived sextuplets with fertility treatments. They had no idea how they were going to feed and clothe so many kids. When themultiples were all born alive they were featured on TV specials. TLC offered them a Reality TV show to highlight the struggles of parenting twins and sextuplets. And then the donations came flooding in. Basically everything was paid for, Kate recounts in her book 'I Just Want You to Know.' They were given a huge van to accommodate the family. They got an extreme home makeover. People regularly bought their groceries, shoes and clothing. Show producers bought them dinners.

She even got free plastic surgery in the form of a tummy tuck after birthing sextuplets! As it says in the game of Life, "have babies, collect presents" so Kate did and how!

Reality TV show family deserving or scamming?

Supporters say theGosselins need donations to support their family and that implies it was out of their control to have so many children.

Now that Kate is a single mom, she gets even more pity. Are others responsible to help them? Having kids and getting a divorce was their choice. Donations to assist families who lose their home to fire are one thing. That isn't a crisis they manufactured. It's been hinted that people birth multiples just to get free stuff.

It's common knowledge that fertility treatments often produce multiples. Doctors can even predict how many eggs will be implanted. So parents know going into it that their family size could explode. Did Jon and Kate Gosselin, like Octomom of octuplets Nadya Suleman choose to have sextuplets to get a reality TV show? Probably not but they didn't turn it down when offered and snatched at the freebies it afforded. And if eight kids qualifiy for handouts, what about all the families many times larger than the Gosselins who manage without a reality show or free stuff?

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