Kate Gosselin is in the headlines today because she is "struggling," which is pretty much how this mom of eight has described her life since she first caught the public's eye. She offered up some personal information about one of her children last month, starting a social media storm on Kate's parenting skills, or to be more specific, her lack of parenting skills.

What kind of mother does this?

During an interview Kate revealed that her son Collin has been sent away from home for treatment for his "special needs." This is something other families deal with all over the nation, but unlike other parents this mom of eight stepped up to the microphone, broadcasting her son's plight to the world.


This is why people became so furious when hearing that Kate actually offered up the information that her 12-year-old son had been admitted to a facility for treatment of his "special needs," which are revealed as Anger Issues today.

Sitting duck for taunting and teasing

Collin Goselin is 12, which is such a tough age for kids especially when it comes to peer pressure. He also has five siblings who are 12 and in school around other kids. Kate didn't do her son any favors by releasing this private information about him.


This has now singled him out and he'll carry this stigma with him for a long time. 


Kids can be some of the cruelest creatures on Earth when it comes to taunting, teasing and bullying. Kate's reveal made Collin a target for this. It is not as if Collin and his siblings had a normal childhood as cameras have followed them around from an early age. Jon and Kate's marriage ended in a divorce and one of the main reasons for their divorce was Jon's insistence that the kids be allowed to have a normal childhood by stopping the filming of "Jon and Kate plus 8."

Jon Gosselin still fighting Kate's fame war!

Despite Jon's insistence that the cameras go away and their lives no longer be part of a reality show, it didn't happen.

"Kate plus 8" was born and Jon went on his way with years of arguing over custody to follow. So Kate's done it again, instead of keeping Collin's issues within her family and close friends, she uses the child's struggles as an opportunity to put herself in the spotlight.

There is absolutely no shame in having a child with anger issues; where the shame does fall is with the parent who literally exploits that problem and in this case, it was allegedly done so Kate could stay in the headlines.

When Kate first announced that Collin was "sent away" for treatment of "special needs," fans of Kate wondered just what "special needs" did Collin have.  

Irate dad!

Jon Gosselin was irate when he first learned that Kate announced to the world that Collin was sent to a facility last month, reports "Radar Online." This was just one more time out of the many that Kate went against his wishes as the other parent when it came to making a decision about the kids.


Last month Jon was more than furious that Kate reported on a cover of a magazine about their son's struggles.

She can talk about her problems all she wants, although she has to remember she has children that are teens and preteens. Her kids are at an age where this can be a very turbulent time for a child even under the best of circumstances. So why would Kate want to draw attention to herself and her kids, who may ultimately pay the price of her chasing fame via taunting and teasing from their peers?




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