Is Kanye West spinning a modern day tale of "The Emperor has No Clothes" for his wife Kim Kardashian, as his almost naked empress? With each new outfit Kim is seen wearing in public, more skin is showing and her see-through tops have started an unofficial "free the nipple" gag across the social media sites. It's no secret that Kanye dresses Kim in his designer creations, as the rapper also fancies himself a designer guru.

Is she street legal in these outfits?

It is getting to the point were folks are asking if some of her apparel is even street legal after taking a gander at the recent pictures of her online.


Her latest "date night" ensemble has The Mirror suggesting that Kim is "becoming the master of wearing clothes that pretty much leave her naked." 

Kanye's modern day fairy tale

Kanye's dressing of his wife is like the fairy tale of "The Emperor has New Clothes," which was the traditional title of the tale, but it has changed to "The "Emperor has No Clothes," through the ages. The tale consists of two swindlers telling the emperor that the suit they have made for him can only be seen by the most elite people in the land. There is no suit, but the emperor cannot say that this suit is invisible to him because it would mean he is not one of the elite.

This emperor walks around his kingdom without clothes on while thinking he is looking like the cat's meow to the village folks, who are snickering behind his back!

Empress has no clothes?

There's no doubt that Kim Kardashian can see what she is wearing, but who is convincing her to walk around almost naked? This is a woman with two small children and these pictures of Kim with her breasts and other body parts exposed will stay on the Internet forever. Does she really want her kids to see her almost naked in these pictures when they hop online a few years from now? Will they be teased by their future classmates? She has a lot more riding on her behaviors today than she did back in the day when her sex tape was leaked.


Is anything left to the imagination? 

Kim's date night outfit is even risque for the bedroom and granted, the woman has a phenomenal body with all the curves in the right places, but come on, Kim... leave something to the imagination! While Kim has traditionally pushed the envelope when it came to dressing on the risque side, she's really outdone herself recently. There's not much left for her to outdo herself today except maybe donning pasties on her nipples and calling that her top!