Kim Kardashian told Wendy Williams in 2009 that she would never get a tattoo, but it seems she's had a change of heart. An inside source told Life & Style that Kim wants a tattoo but husband, Kanye won't allow her to get inked up.

Kanye says no

Kardashian stated that she wanted to get a small outline tattoo on the back of her neck. Just something small and feminine. As it turns out, Kanye told her she couldn't get a tattoo. He told her that it would "mess up her perfect body." Apparently, it is okay for him to get ink but she cannot because it would mess up the perfect body, God, or err a good plastic surgeon gave her.

Kim feels pressured to make Kanye happy

An inside source dished that Kanye told Kim to do as he said not as he did. As West's fans know, he sports several tattoos so the fact that he forbid his wife to get ink is laughable. It sounds like Kim is bored with her life and wants to do something that may bring her happiness, even if it's only for a few hours. And, as an adult, Kim has every right to get a tattoo, if that's what she really wants to do. She doesn't have to clear anything through West, even if he is her spouse.

An insider reported,“Kim’s bored with herself. Plus, she knows that getting a tattoo will make headlines."

Kim wants to be in the spotlight

The tattoo reports circulated throughout social media and many Kardashian fans felt that Kim would only get a tattoo to put her name at the top of the tabloids. One thing Kim knows how to do is market herself and keep herself in the headlines. Would Kim stoop so low to get a tattoo so she could get her name out there?

RumorFix reached out to the Kardashian rep and she stated that Kim never said that she wants a tattoo--it looks like this may be another ugly rumor. Many people believed this report because it seems genuine, down to the detail ofKanye not giving her "permission" to get her ink stamp on the neck.

Kim Kardashian fans, do you think Kim would get a tattoo just to get her name in the tabloids? Would Kanye forbid Kim from getting ink, considering he has several tattoos himself?

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