There's not too many descriptive words left that haven't been used to explain the mess that Kanye Westput together for Fashion Week. Words like "disaster," "shambolic," "fail" and "epic fail" are just a few of the descriptions tagged to the show Kanye presented on New York's Roosevelt Island on Wednesday. There wasn't much you could find in his show that offered any redeeming qualities, including the designs themselves. This is basically what the critics are saying today, according to the Mirror.

Sweltering heat

Some of the models donned clothes that would keep them toasty in the dead of winter and they were expected to strut their outfits on a runway that was baking in the scorching sun.

The event was better suited for an inside venue where air conditioning would have made the day somewhat bearable. West made no arrangement for the people he invited to this event when he bused them in on hot buses with no water available. To say it was hot and uncomfortable would be putting it mildly.

Bowed legs and twisting ankles

Onemodel fainted from the heat and was carted away for medical attention as others wilted in the sun. The clips of the models walking the runway looked more like a comedy skit than a professional fashion event as their shoesbegan to fall apart.

The usually graceful models looked ridiculous as their legs bowed and ankles twisteddue to their very high-heeled shoes crumbling. One model took the problem into her own hands and literally kicked off her shoes in the middle of the runway and continued on inbare feet.

Line of clothes gets thumbs down?

The apparel West offered was also something that got the thumbs-down from critics and apparently once realizing hiscreationswere not considered "fashion" by the critics, he started to call his line "apparel!" West said he wants to keep from calling his line of clothes "fashion." He wants his clothes to be timeless, so you can wear it today and in another 20 years it will still look good when you find it on a rack at a consignment shop.

Kardashians could not save the day!

Members of the Kardashian and Jennerbrood were on-hand to watch this event crumble before their very eyes. But Kim Kardashian and her famous sisters couldn't do a thing to save the day. They found shade and water and planted themselves for the day to support Kanye. Many of the critics wrote about the shoes falling to shambles as the models walked. You can see this for yourself in the video below.

Shoddy shoes...

The construction of this line of shoes was less than shoddy as it looked as if the glue holding the shoes together started to melt in the heat.

This rendered the shoes nothing more than flamboyant pieces of footwear flapping in the hot sun and twisting the model's ankles every which way. The models walked the runway with their feet twisting to the dropped-jaws of the sweltering audience!

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