Kanye West's recent shout out to Kid Cudi had all the right ingredients for indicating that the "Famous" rapper was feeling rather sorry for himself after Cudi ripped him apart on social media. West started out witha bit of whining and then he added a dash of a hypocritical reprimand after Cudi penned something about West that he didn't like. The recent rant that Kid Cudi posted on social media wasn't only addressed to Kanye, he was also aiming to take outDrakewith his words.

Do as I say -- not as I do?

According to E Online, West stood in front of his concert audience andtold Kid Cudito "never mention his name in a bad manner." One can't help but wonder how this can be coming from the same man that called Taylor Swift a "bitch" in his song.

So apparently mentioning someone's name in a disparaging light is not allowed, but rapping about it is OK?


Apparently Kid Cudi's rant got to West so much that he had to address this with his fans at his concert. He told the audience that he was really hurt by what Cudi said and he also shared, "I feel so disrespected." So he feels disrespected? This is probably how Taylor Swift felt being called a "bitch" in West's song, which is the same song where he also insinuated that he will sleep with her one day.

Glass house

Then he had a nude wax statue of Swift created and placed it next to a nude wax model of himself in a big bed along with other notable faces made into wax statues, including his wife Kim Kardashian.

Westcalled it art and released it to the public. No disrespect for Swift here! So how did Kid Cudi disrespect West to the point where his boxer shorts were in a bunch? He sounded as if he was almost whining a bit about being so "disrespected" and "hurt." He also said to Cudi in this shout-out that "we are two black men in a racist world."

A bit hypocritical on West's part?

Cudi's target was West and his buddy Drake, as he was accusing both these rappers of using a ghost writer for their song lyrics or "rhymes."Cudigoes back a ways with Kanye as he signed with West's music label back in 2008.

Kid Cudi was angry and he told the rappers that he had been loyal to them, but it wasn't what he's gotten in return. Cudi writes, "Now I'm your threat." While it is not clear what got Kid Cudi so irate, it must have been something that he perceives as being nasty because this was one peeved rapper tweeting away his thoughts on Drake and West!

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