Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth fell in love last year on ABC's “The Bachelorette” season and they have been virtually inseparable ever since. The two have spent much of their summer and early fall up in Canada where she is from and fans are anxious for solid answers regarding that elusive wedding date. What's the latest from Kaitlyn and Shawn?

Have the 'Bachelorette' lovebirds set a date?

Last fall, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Shawn Booth had said that they would start planning their wedding after the first of the year, but once 2016 hit, they typically said that things have been too busy for them to pin down a date.

“The Bachelorette” stars chatted with “Entertainment Tonight Canada” and confirmed that there still are no wedding plans in place.

Bristowe said that they are asked all the time about getting hitched and she knows that when they say they don't have a date that they are always leaving people disappointed. Kaitlyn said that she and Shawn did just do some talking about having babies together, and this is not the first time that they have mentioned the idea of building their family before tying the knot.

Could the 'Boothstowes' have babies before a wedding?

Is the “Bachelorette” star already pregnant? Kaitlyn was quick to note that she is not currently pregnant, as she clearly knows that rumors can start swirling about that kind of thing without much provocation. At this point, the Daily Mail notes thatKaitlyn and Shawn seem content pampering his dog Tucker Doodle as their one and only “child." While they may decide to go for having babies before holding a wedding, it doesn't sound as if anything is imminent.

Will Bristowe and Booth ever get married? “The Bachelorette” fans seem to have mixed opinions on this front. Some see them possibly being something like previous franchise couples Byron and Mary or Charlie and Sarah, where they stay together for several yearsbut eventually fizzle out without typing the knot. Others, however, think that Kaitlyn and Shawn are doing great together and applaud them for moving forward on their own terms and timetable.

Bristowe and Booth are in no rush to wed

For now, Shawn and Kaitlyn seem to be perfectly content with how things are right now. They live together in Nashville, Tennessee where he is from, and they frequently travel together for various projects and appearances.

Some fans may doubt that they will end up tying the knot, but the pair have managed to stick together for more than a year now and they do seem to be doing well. Do you think that there will be a “Bachelorette” wedding coming together at some point for Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth?

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