Kailyn Lowrydecided that she needed some time away from her life in Delaware and she decided to travel to Hawaii with a friend for a week. This trip has been packed with day trips and lots of experiences, and Kailyn decided that it would be best to complete this trip without her children, Lincoln and Isaac. But she did reveal on Twitter that she purchased gifts for the boys. But it sounds like this trip may have been therapeutical for her, as she may have been dealing with some emotions in relation to her divorce.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowryis now revealing that she may be struggling to both let go and also trying something new. For a long time, Lowry has been talking about her failed marriage and sending hints out on social media about what really went wrong. The bottom line is that she felt betrayed by her husband, who wasn't there for her when she needed him to be.

Is Kailyn Lowry struggling to let go of Javi Marroquin?

Now that Javi is back in the United States, Kailyn may have felt that she needed some time away from everything.

It is possible that she's gearing up for more education and possibly looking for a job, so it is possible that she needed to escape for a bit.

"Hurts more to hold on than it does to let go," Kailyn revealed on Twitter while she was on her way back to the United States, hinting that she needs to let go of certain feelings.

While Kailyn could be talking about her feelings towards her estranged husband, she could also be talking about her former friends, who may have turned on her after the divorce was made public.

Kailyn Lowry may be feeling frustrated with her new feelings

Many have speculated that she has moved on with another woman, but Lowry has denied those accusations. But based on her recent tweets, it sounds like she may have developed feelings for something unattainable -- which could have been her dream of the perfect marriage.

"I fell in love with the unattainable," Lowry revealed on Twitter this week.

What do you think ofKailyn Lowry's tweets about her feelings? Do you think she's finally ready to move on with someone new, even though it could be a long road ahead?

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