When it comes to "American Horror Story" characters, Sarah Paulson has had some of the biggest differences throughout the seasons. She's played a psychic, a dead drug addict, and even conjoined twins with one body and two heads. Her roles have been intriguing, nurturing, and at times just down right creepy. Now Paulson has shared who she believes was her weirdest characterto play. Many "AHS" fans immediately jump to Sally, the drug addict ghost from season 5, but they've been shocked to find out that isn't the case.

'American Horror Story' season 6 the weirdest role for her

Paulson shared that it isn't quite the character that makes this the creepiest acting she's ever done, but the storyline.

So far, "My Roanoke Nightmare" has been the creepiest and weirdest and that's what makes this role stand out among all the others.

Shelby Miller isn't anything out of the ordinary this season. She is a yoga instructor, who has bought a house in North Carolina that just happens to have a dark, twisted story to it. "American Horror Story" is still only on the second episode of season 6, so the story is still unfolding but there are some creepy elements to it.

'My Roanoke Nightmare' getting mixed reviews

It would almost be impossible for show creator Ryan Murphy to create the same suspense every single year. In fact, each year since the beginning has gotten bigger and bigger. Costumes have been flashy and storylines have been extravagant.

This has changed with season 6. "My Roanoke Nightmare" has scaled back, with a smaller cast and a documentary style.

It has received mixed reviews over the last two episodes. Some people have said that it's boring, while others have said that it's a breath of fresh air after the "Hotel" storyline. People just want to know what's really going on in that house and what the big twist in episode 6 is going to be.

Despite playing strange characters in the past, this is Paulson's creepiest role on the FX series. Some fans have to admit that this is the weirdest storyline so far. It just isn't clear what's going on in "American Horror Story" season 6.

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