Just in time to help us laugh at the madness that is Election 2016, “South Park” starts its new season this September 14. According to Deadline Hollywood, the first episode is entitled “Members Berries” and will be about how a national icon reboots the National Anthem. Clearly, the episode will be inspired by the fad of football players taking a knee instead of standing respectfully during the playing of the National Anthem, inspired by Colin Kaepernick.

“South Park,” which uses the misadventures of a group of potty-mouthed children to engage in commentary on politics, religion, and the social condition, has been at its best when it skewers current events kerfuffles.

One of the best political satires of all time was a “South Park” episode that ran during the 2008 election that depicted the Obama supporters in the town engaged in a drunken orgy of celebration on election night while the McCain supporters walled themselves up in a bunker to await the end of the world. Both groups were unaware that both campaigns were part of an Oceans 11-style caper to gain access to an underground tunnel that started in the Oval Office that gave them access to a jewel of great price.

Sarah Palin as a British second story artist was priceless.

No sacred cow is too beloved for the guys of “South Park” to poke holes in. In one episode, it was revealed the 9/11 conspiracy theories were being generated by the Bush White House to frighten the enemies of freedom, the theory being that any government capable of staging a high casualty terrorist attack was capable of anything.

“South Park” was only severely censored once, when an episode depicting the Prophet Mohammed was ruined to delete any references to the founder of Islam’s name and blanked out his image.

The censorship took place even though Mohammed appeared in a previous episode several years before with no problems. Comedy Central was frightened by the prospect of Islamic terrorism.

The problem with the show this year is that the reality of Election 2016 is far stranger than anything Trey Parker and Matt Stone have ever come up with. Who would have believed, even a year ago, a presidential contest pitting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton?

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