Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton got engaged during the Season 3 finale of Bachelor in Paradiseand they made no secret over the past couple of months about the fact that they were still together. However, it sounds like things are not quite as rosy as they've tried to make it look and fans may not want to pick out any wedding gifts for the couple quite yet. What's the scoop?

Insiders say theBachelor in Paradisepair is struggling

According to Entertainment Tonight, Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray have already broken up a couple of times since getting engaged during filming the show early in the summer.

These Bachelor in Paradise stars are gushing over one another on social media and have talked about moving to Atlanta together and having three more children, but insiders say that in private, things have been quite difficult.

The insider shares that early on, the problem was mostly the distance involved since he was living in Atlanta and she was in Los Angeles. Murray did move to California to be with Stanton as the show aired, but it seems that the Bachelor in Paradise starsthen struggled with trying to handle day-to-day real life issues away from the cameras. They are said to be feeling a lot of pressure in their relationshipand having her two young girls in the picture surely adds to that.

Granted, at least for now, Josh and Amanda seem to be standing strong publicly together and putting on a happy face. After Tuesday's Bachelor in Paradise finale, Murray posted of photo of them together with her girls and he said it was all worth it and he added a hashtag about this being his new family.

Amanda posted a tweet noting that she is really happy, thanking fans for their love and support.

Will thisBachelor in Paradisepairing last?

Will Amanda and Josh really end up making this engagement work and eventually walking down the aisle? Bachelor in Paradise viewers definitely saw a bit of a different side to him this summer versus what they got during his time on Andi Dorfman's Bachelorette, and plenty of fans wonder whether this pairing can work once the cameras are gone.

For now, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are seemingly going to put on a united and happy face regarding their engagement and Bachelor in Paradise fans will have to stay tuned to see if they can manage to last.

Do you think this romance will be able to work in the real world?

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