The Duggar family has had plenty to celebrate over the past few months with Jinger's engagement, Jessa's second pregnancy, and Jill's return to the United States. Much of this excitement has been documented on TLC's second season of “Counting On,” but oldest sibling Josh has remained left out of the mix. The family may be keeping mostly quiet about this particular “19 Kids and Counting” star after the scandals he's generated, but the family did just share a post about him on Facebook that will surely get tongues wagging.

Josh Duggar's scandals still follow the family

As “19 Kids and Counting” and “Counting On” fans know, Josh Duggar created a lot of headaches for his family when he made headlines for having had inappropriate sexual contact with multiple sisters of his a number of years ago along with infidelity issues this past year.

He went to a rehabilitation center for many months, and while he has returned home, he has stayed out of the limelight.

There has been buzz that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been pressuring Jill, Jessa, and the others to let Josh pop up on “Counting On” as a move to rehab his image. So far, however, that has not happened. Josh and Anna remain married, despite the controversies, and now the family is highlighting that they just hit their wedding anniversary.

Josh and Anna are together and celebrating an anniversary

The family's official Facebook page showed a picture of Josh and Anna together, a rare sight these days, and wished them a happy anniversary. The post also noted how thankful they are for “God's redemptive love” in their lives, and the post generated reactions from about 17,000 followers.

Many “19 Kids” and “Counting On” fans think that it is time to let go of the negativity toward Josh. Those who follow the current TLC show know, however, that the advertisers for the network have not felt quite so sure about that. Many have pulled out of advertising on the show, and some have canceled ad buys with the network as a whole.

There is even talk that “Counting On” might end after this second season, with some rumors swirling that the kids themselves are ready to step away from reality television.

Will '19 Kids' and 'Counting On' fans accept Josh again?

Is this Facebook post showing Josh and Anna the first step in the family's plan to reintroduce him into the public eye, as People notes?

While the Duggar couple has rarely been seen publicly since the infidelity scandal hit, the two were photographed at a recent birthday party for a friend. A recent photo of Anna with Jill and Jinger sparked concern from fans about how she is doing, but this Facebook recent post confirms that the two are sticking together despite the obstacles they have faced.

Do you think it's possible for Josh Duggar to truly rehabilitate his image after the “19 Kids and Counting” scandals? Should Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, and the other siblings bring him into the mix of things on “Counting On” or keep him at a distance?

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