Jordin Sparks became the youngest "American Idol" winner at 17 (sixth season) and she's also won some personal battles with the scale. But America's sweetheart didn't do it with diet. Sparks used an "undiet" (kind of like Adeleand Rebel Wilson, recent big weight losers) to effect a 50-pound weight loss. Recently appearing at a RIF (Reading is Fundamental) charity gig, Jordin looks as if she may have gained a bit back. But no matter--her happy, healthful glow proves sensible eating habits and body image, plus boatloads of positivity trump jeans size.

Jordin Sparks and the race away from triple zero

Wait triple zero, what? Yes, Virginia, alas there is a size 000 in pants and unfortunately many girls aspire to it. Or should that be descend--because you have to get down pretty far, poundage-wise, to squeeze into jeans that tiny. And speaking of wise, is it really smart to sharpen yourself to pencil thin? Sparks say no, no, no. And she's proved right. Most folks will remember the 2004 winning documentary "Supersize Me." For a month Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald's fast food, gained weight, suffered shocking side effects, and showed the reign of terror wreaked by obesity.

That show spawned a British reality TV show "Superskinny Me: The Race to Double Zero" in which two women starved themselves into size 00 pants. They also nearly killed themselves. Both suffered raging depression, eating disorders and mental health issues, not to mention physical healthproblems. Both agreed they were happier at a healthy size 10.

So how does Sparks balance it?

Clearly obesity is a killer, but equally clear is an eating disorder and negative self-image.

So how does Miss Jordin find the happy place between obese and anorexia? With balance--in phase one of her her undiet approach Sparks spent four months justchanging her mindset--about food and body image. She re-thought her relationship with food (a huge issue for many celebrities). She starting walking every day--not killer workouts, just a simple fitness routine with a friend. So what if she has or hasn't gained a few pounds back?

That's normal after major weight loss. And anyway, as her gloriously trim figure and beaming smile attest, it really is all about loving yourself as you are.

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